Green Edge

The Arctic Spring Bloom.

Around the world - International collaborative projects

International collaborative projects.

MaCuMBA (2012-2016)

Marine microorganisms cultivation.

SingLaby:Investigating Labyrinthulomycetes parasitism in Singapore marine ecosystems (MOE AcRF Tier 1)

Unveiling Labyrinthulomycetes diversity and functional role in tropical coastal waters.

Hemiselmis aquamarina sp. nov. (Cryptomonadales, Cryptophyceae), a Cryptophyte with a Novel Phycobiliprotein Type (Cr-PC 564)

Cryptophytes are a small group of photosynthetic biflagellated organisms distributed worldwide in fresh, brackish and marine waters. Although members of this class are easily distinguished from other groups, species identification is difficult and …

Uncovering the temporal gene expression dynamics of phytoplankton with single cell RNA sequencing.

This project aims to introduce Drop-Seq to study the diurnal gene expression in marine phytoplankton.

New Green Genes (JGI)

Sequencing the genomes of unicellular green algae.

Taxonomic reassignment of Pseudohaptolina birgeri comb. nov. (Haptophyta)

The haptophyte genus *Pseudohaptolina* (formerly *Chrysochromulina* clade B1-3) currently harbors two species: *Pseudohaptolina arctica* and *Pseudohaptolina sorokinii*. In addition, *Chrysochromulina birgeri* is expected to belong to this genus due …

SIMPLE - Singapore Marine Planktonic Eukaryotes (MOE AcRF Tier 1)

Unveiling the composition of planktonic protist communities in Singapore coastal waters.

Mantoniella beaufortii and Mantoniella baffinensis sp. nov. (Mamiellales, Mamiellophyceae), two new green algal species from the high Arctic

Members of the class Mamiellophyceae comprise species that can dominate picophytoplankton diversity in polar waters. Yet polar species are often morphologically indistinguishable from temperate species, although clearly separated by molecular …